Maximum Carnage Soundtrack / Green Jellÿ

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Maximum Carnage Soundtrack / Green Jellÿ


Thanks to our friends GREEN JELLŸ, we are pleased to announce Troggo Studio’s first release—1994’s MAXIMUM CARNAGE!

Written by GREEN JELLŸ and synthesized on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Maximum Carnage’s soundtrack pushed the boundaries of what video game music could be at the time. The tunes would bounce around in your brain for hours as you and your best dude/dudette slung (slinged? Had slungen?) webs and bashed skulls through the grimy streets of New York City.

MAXIMUM CARNAGE is pressed on red vinyl with black smoke effect, reminding you of everyone’s favorite psychopathic symbiote. Additionally, as a special bonus, we have included a previously unreleased version of “Carnage Rules” by Green Jellӱ. Mastered specifically for vinyl and packaged in a devilishly evil jacket, we wanted to give Maximum Carnage the treatment it deserves. It definitely holds a special place in Troggo’s heart. We hope you enjoy!